Occupation: Conductorette

Author: Maya Angelou

Biography: She was born April 4, 1928, in Marguerite Johnson St. Louis. She was the first trolley car conductor, in 1944. Won a scholarship to study dance with Pearl Primus. Later on in the 1950's she appeared in a off-Broadway play, made many Broadway debuts. Later in the 1980's she was in USA Today list of  fifty black role models. She was married twice first to Tosh Angelou and then to Paul Du Feu. She has only one kid his name is Clyde Angelou. 

Fiction & Non-Fiction:
    Fiction is a made up story, that do not deal with real events. Fiction are novels, novellas, and short stories. Non-Fiction is a true story, that deals with real events. Types of non-fiction is a biography and autobiography.
    Elements of Fiction & Non-Fiction:
            1. Setting 
            3. Character
            4. Dialogue
            5. Idiom or Dialect
            6. Tone
            7. Perspective
This Story is a Type of Non-Fiction.

    San Francisco
    Angelou wants a job has a Trolley car Conductor.
    The Secretary
    The trolley car company would not accept Angelou, because she was colored.
    Angelou vs. Society  
Rising Action:
    Goes to office to get the job.
    Went to the agency to talk about it.
    Went to the Organization so that she can get the job.
    She gets the job and becomes a trolley car conductor.
Falling Action:
    Working, driving finally for the job of she wanted. 
    During the spring she resumed her commitment to formal education.
    Doesn't matter what color or gender you are you can do anything you want.